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The Beatles Recollection: Yesterday

June 21, 2009

Yesterday, we’re sure all your troubles seemed so far away. Yet, today, even with all the troubles the world seems to love plaguing us with, we believe we can face all of that armed with the words of our favorite Beatles. With oh-so-fashionable cameras done in CMYK, and type done in Helvetica, this notebook will kick today’s ass with yesterday’s force.

– 125gsm quality cartridge paper, manufactured in the EU
-Each notebook is A5 sized
-Comes with lyrics printed at the back; color scheme is also our geeky favorite, CMYK!
-Suitable for ink, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, graphite
-100% hand-bound
-32 pages worth of artistic blank canvas wonder
-Page corners are beautifully rounded

SGD $6.50

(prices exclusive of local postage, which we will simply charge according to weight)

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